What a great idea to visit Tenerife, this little paradise on Earth. The island, which is part of the Canary archipelago, has so much to offer tourists. Do you feel excited to finally travel to this divine place? Here are the most popular things to do in North Tenerife for a great start:

Besides, Tenerife is famous for its great beaches, many hotels to stay and the main tourist attractions. However, the whole island hides exceptional places and other secrets. Read on to find out more things to do Tenerife!

Hike the Teide

Teide is the third-highest volcano in the world and the highest in Spain, which is why hiking it is definitely among the most-recommended North Tenerife things to do. Its summit, which is an essential step to do when visiting Tenerife, is in the center of the island, and the landscapes there are out of the ordinary. To get there, you can rent a car that will allow you to stop whenever you want! Along the way, do not hesitate to make a stop by the Cañadas del Teide and enjoy a view of the entire national park.

If you want to learn more about the summit and reach its highest point, we recommend that you take part in a guided tour. Thanks to guides who know the region inside out, you will discover unsuspected places and learn the best hiking techniques. Be careful, however: do not expect to reach the top!

Take a boat trip

What to do in Tenerife North is not take a boat trip? By renting a boat in Tenerife, you will have the opportunity to discover the wonders that the island has to offer. Indeed, by taking a boat trip along the coast for a day, you can realize the splendor of Tenerife and even discover many hidden beaches. If you do not have a boat license, you can call on the services of a skipper, who will show you sublime lost corners, far from tourists.

Make diving

Discovering the island’s marine fauna and flora, which are simply exceptional, is for sure one of the best things to do in Tenerife North as well. And what is a better way to explore the sea life if not diving? Put on your wetsuit and flippers and set off to see the many marine species that inhabit the island. Green turtles, bands of colorful fish, and dolphins for the lucky ones, will give you unforgettable memories during your stay in Tenerife!

Eat local in the “Guachinches” of the islands

The “guachinches” are small restaurants, so small that you will have the feeling of eating with the locals. Here, the cuisine is homemade using local products! You absolutely have to try typical potatoes from Tenerife with mojo, a local sauce. Is it difficult to find guachinches? They are one of those things to do in North Tenerife, you shouldn’t hunt on purpose. You should stumble upon them by chance, going on the roads in search of signs written in felt or paint. Once they open their door, take your place in line!

Bask on hidden beaches

In Tenerife, the beaches are difficult to access. Visiting these beaches is one of the best things to do in North Tenerife for the more adventurous and lovers of tranquility and nature. The most popular ones are Tacoronte, Taganana, or Playa Antequera. To know the good addresses, a little advice: ask the locals for advice. Some will be generous with tips for finding the beach of your dreams.

Explore the Corona Forest

The Corona Forestal area is ideal for nature lovers as well. This protected area is the largest forest area on the island. Put on your hiking boots and all the appropriate equipment to enjoy this exceptional place: every mount, valley, and crevasse is exceptional.

You will inevitably fall under the charm of this place after seeing thousands of endemic animals and plants in their natural surrounding. With a little luck, you will be able to observe the local pride: the blue finch of Teide. The landscapes change rapidly here. What can be better than going from lush forests to lunar landscapes in just a few steps? Definitely recommend visiting Corona Forest among the things to do in Tenerife for family.

Visit the typical village of Masca

Are you about to visit Tenerife and still haven’t heard of Masca? Keep it in mind! Masca is one of the most scenic places to visit in North Tenerife. The small village is quite difficult to access, but don't give up! Once there, the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. Take advantage of being in the village to go hiking in the Gorges de Masca. The bravest will not hesitate to reach the Atlantic Ocean on foot. After all, it is only a 4-hour walk.

Nevertheless, take all precautions if you are considering this hike! The path is relatively narrow and can be dangerous in case of rain. After you arrive at the bottom, you have two solutions: walk up to the village or take the boat.

Explore the old center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

You shouldn’t forget about visiting Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the island, as one of the top things to do in North Tenerife. It is located in the northern part of the island of Tenerife. It is a very pleasant little town with authentic food and shopping places.

Do not hesitate to go through Garcia Sanabria Park. This large space is located above the main street, where you can stroll and sit quietly. As long as you are close to the main street, take the opportunity for a short discovery tour. You will have the choice between many things to do in northern Tenerife here: walking on the coast, strolling on the port, or going to the auditorium and continuing to the Maritimo park. Close to this park, you can continue to the El Palmetum botanical garden, which specializes in palm trees, a lot of vegetation of all kinds, and an incredible panorama.