Hong Kong is a city packed with variety of fascinations, history and culture that provides a proper blend numerous reasons to fall in love with the island city. There are a lot of things to do in Hong Kong. It has best city Museums and historical landmarks. All these offer a thrilling experience and pleasure to tourists and locals who want to get a tour of the city.

“A New York minute is a Hong Kong second”. This is a saying that will attract your ears from specialists that live in this city. With a population of over 7 million people, it possible to evaluate the statement on the variety of things you can expect in this city. The experience that you will get is overwhelming, from sight-seeing, photographs of the skyscrapers that magnify the city.

There are countless street markets to explore and get lost in them doing shopping. The hotels and restaurants will provide the best meals all diversified due to the right mix of people in the city. There are a lot of things to do in Hong Kong whether you are visiting for the first time or tenth time or you reside in the city, here are some of the experiences you need not to miss out on:

1. A view from Victoria Peak.

Things to do in Hong Kong - Victoria Peak

This is arguably the city’s most famous attraction. It rises over 1805 feet above sea level and affords a breathtaking view of the island city, Kowloon, Victoria harbour and even Kowloon’s eight mountains during a clear weather. There are various methods to get to this peak but you cannot afford to miss out on the seven minute ride on the Peak Tram. It is the world’s funicular railway. Argaubly it is upon you to choose when it’s convenient to catch a glimpse of the city, either during the day or at night. Both periods can afford the best views and it is upon you to choose or even do both times. This is because together give the city a totally thrilling view whether during the day or at night for the dazzling galaxy of light.

2. Ride the Star Ferry

Things to do in Hong Kong - Star Ferry

You can embark on a trip from Tsim Sha Tsui Pier o the Kowloon Peninsula to either the central Pier or the Wan Chai Pier on the Hong Kong Island side with the shortest voyage of about 7 minutes that will only cost you $0.25! The ferry is one of the finest ways to enjoy the view of skyline of Victoria harbor and has been used to ferry passengers’ since 1888.

It feels great and unforgettable to have a look at these magnificent sky scrapers while floating on the calm waters. That’s not all, you can enjoy the 8p.m light show of the ferry. It is an assured you can get the value for your time if you embark on the short voyage and the spectacular view of Hong Kong skyline in the cool waters.

3. Stopover at the Temple Street Night market

Things to do in Hong Kong - Night Market at Temple Str.

You cannot complete your visit without stopping and experiencing the local life of Hong Kong while visiting the markets. Temple Street being one of the best markets with local atmosphere. It is in the market where you will discover great variety of things such as local cuisines, clothes made in different styles, whole lot of watches, jade and antiques .Fortune tellers will equip with you with what the future holds, and that not all as there are street singers that fill the street with their lovely combination of vocals hence making it a more colorful and a superb experience that one does not have to miss out.

4. The big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha)

Things to do in Hong Kong - Big Buddha

Better known as the Big Buddha, it is Hong Kong’s most recognizable and iconic landmark. Built in 12 years, the 34metres high, is accessible to tourists by exhausting 268 step track up to its seat. By the time you get to the base be prepared for arching legs experience. This is not a small walk to the top. Beside the Buddha, is Po Lin Monastery, a wonderful and incense filled sanctum that ranks as a Buddhism’s most important institution. It is deeply entrenched to Buddhism practices. This will give you the urge to make a visit to the neighboring Gong Ping village where you can get a sumptuous meal of the Buddhism vegetarian culture.

5. Enjoy Dim Sum

Things to do in Hong Kong - dim sum.

Dim Sum accurately means “To touch your heart”. It refers to a variety number of exquisite taste sized dishes. There are a lot more diversified types of dim sum with over forty dishes for the customers to choose from. The dishes are steamed in advance in bamboo dishes and exhibited around the restaurants in steam carts. They include sumptuous shrimp dumplings, congee (rice porridge), teemed pork dumplings, and also spring rolls. It feels great enjoying dim sum in large variety because you will have the chance to experience the different dishes, tasting the diverse varieties. So while visiting Hong Kong don’t forget to give it a try.

6. Take a stroll along Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Things to do in Hong Kong - Promenade

A stroll along this amazing feature will leave you with a crown packed thrilling experience of the beautiful view of the Hong Kong Skyline and the busty Victoria Harbor. It’s spectacular and runs along the Kowloon’s water front. There are several features to enjoy along the Tsim Sha Tsui; The Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong Museum, The Cloak Tower, Star Ferry Terminal and also the Art are located along the promenade. These amazing sites will give you the value of your our while experiencing the slower pace of life in this great city.

7. Lantau Island.

Things to do in Hong Kong - Lantau Island

Visiting Hong Kong will be crowned with a visit to explore the Lantau Island. The biggest island in Hong Kong is sparsely populated. It is characterized by a natural park land and beautiful beaches. Take some time to hike in the trails and enjoy the view of the mountains within the area .It is an island with a conducive environment to get away from the daily exhausting work. The island is ideal with sightseeing and outdoor adventures that will give quality rest and relaxation. Popular attraction in this island include;

  • Disney land-This is a fairy tale world with classic Disney attaractions.it entails beautiful shops and unique restaurants with a live entertainment staged in a classic setting
  • Tai O.-this is a fishing village that is characterized with waterways, stilt houses and also fishing boats.
  • Ngong Ping 360-take a worthwhile ride on Ngong Ping 360 to be met with an astonishing bird’s view of the charmed deep blue sea and the glamorous green mountains.
  • Po Lin Monastery-Here you will find the amazing and enormous bronze statutes of Buddha in a sitting Position.

8. Discover Hong Kong’s History

Things to do in Hong Kong - historical sites.

The history of the city is astonishing. From the time the last emperor of the Song Empire fled about 700 years ago to British colonization. It made the city a key port and a stage for battle during world war 2.Hong Kong has several museums that have diversified history that will give you an experience of their way of life. The history is diversified and you should take some time to learn how Hong Kong became having a local take you through explaining the various features and ancient history fc the city.

9. Top Notch cocktails at Quinary

Things to do in Hong Kong - cocktails.

Hong Kong cocktail culture is ranked as one of the best in the world. It is characterized by high end bars and underground speakeasies. Get impressive drinks at the quinary where cocktails are crafted with liquid nitrogen and other fancy instruments. You can locate 001, hidden in an unmarked door and also Ping Pong 129.You can also get a stable, garden fresh cocktail that is made with herbs grown on site at Aberdeen Street social. Crown you adventure with a visit to Dud dell’s where they serve a mix of traditional and innovative tipples on its very Chic outdoor patio.

10. Dragon's back Hike

Things to do in Hong Kong - Dragon's back trail

Regarded as the city of skyscrapers and shopping malls, the city also boast of extraordinary hiking option for both locals and visitors. The Hong Kong trail stretches for 31 miles and cuts through five country parks on the island, with the most popular one known as the dragons back. The spectacle behind it is reaching the Shek O peak from where you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the bays, beaches, flourishing landscape, coastal societies and the China Sea. You can complete the hike in 2 hours but why rush if the same can be done within 6 hours to experience the overall pleasure and leisure the scenery beauty.

Conclusively it is obvious that Hong Kong is a tourist hub and a destination to visit and have fun. It is blended in all kinds of attractions and you definitely need to make a visit and have a direct exploration of the city.