Discover the variety of excursions in Lanzarote in your holiday. There are fantastic places you can visit as you choose right excursions. You can visit Playa Blanca, located on the southern coast, a former fishing village and marvel in the underwater museum. Enjoy bird watching with an opportunity to have a glimpse of various types from all over the world. Moreover, you can explore Timafanya Mountains also known as Fire Mountains among others. This is a place crowned with attractions and adventures that will be worth your visit with shore excursion Grand Tour Lanzarote.

A few ideas where to go with excursions in Lanzarote

Underwater Museum - Museo Atlántico

Excursions in Lanzarote - Underwater Museum

This will be one of unforgettable excursions in Lanzarote an experience, being one of this kind on the planet. Taking an excursion this area you will be met by mind-blowing technic used to attach corals to about 400 sculptures. The Museo Atlántico is designed to produce artificial reef in large amounts. Taking a dive you will see a group of 35 human figures walking towards the wall. The collection of statues is located in a shelter near Colorados, Playa Blanca that has a depth of 12-15 metres. Among other excursions in Lanzarote a visit to this amazing set will jog our thought to understand the need to preserve the marine environment. The amazing feature includes the famous Raft of Lampedusa. Marvel to a group of sculptured children set on Brass boats known as Los Jolateros. They are amazingly beautiful and you just have to engage yourself to a visit to the place. There more hybrid sculptures consisting of half human and half cactus, that depict co-existence of nature and humanity. Moreover, there is a playground where businessmen in suits are featured playing, a couple taking selfies and also photographers. Witness about 200 sculptures placed in a never-ending circle also under water showing a beautifully set epic museum. For those who do not have experience in diving, there are a few lessons that you can take before taking the dive in a company of a guide to the wonderful places. Children are also allowed to venture into this amazingly thrilling experience though they should be of 12 years old and above.

Bird Watching in Lanzarote

Excursions in Lanzarote - bird watching

Enjoy the serene environment of Lanzarote’s striking wilderness while watching the birds that rule the surrounding humming beautiful melodies. Lanzarote offers a wide variety of birds with several interesting species. Lanzarote is home to houbara bustard, stone curlew, and cream coloured course among others. Taking a journey towards the desert you will be able to view many more surprising species. They are characterized by short-toed larks, trumpeter finches, and hoopoes. Luckily enough you will be able to sight the kestrel or even the spectacular Egyptian culture. Don't worry about company while on your bird watching excursions in Lanzarote as non-bird lovers can also accompany you to enjoy the stunning landscape. You can take a 4Wd vehicle that is fitted with state of the art pairs of binoculars and a telescope.

Excursions in Lanzarote are not complete without Jameos Del Agua

Excursions in Lanzarote - Jameos del Agua space

This is an epic place fully packed with lava caves that will thrill you once you take an excursion to Jameos Del Agua. This wonderful place is located inside a volcanic tube that was a result of the eruption of Monte Corona volcano. Jameos Del Agua is located in Haria Municipality north of Lanzarote. It is also an art, culture and tourism center that was created by a local artist called Cesar Manrique. It depicts his creativity depicting harmony between nature and his artistic creation. Excursions in Lanzarote to Jameos Del Agua will be memorable as you will be able to experience first-hand information. There are a variety of places to visit including the subterranean salt lake, high-end restaurants with a variety of kinds of seafood, magnificent gardens, an emerald green pool, museum, and auditorium. It is home to unique and endemic species of squat lobster. Come and see this blind lobsters which are sensitive to changes in the lagoon and are affected by noise and light. They are therefore highly protected and it is wrong to throw coins in the sea as they also sensitive to oxide which can terminate their life.

Rancho Texas in Lanzarote

Excursions in Lanzarote - Rancho Texas

Have a taste of Texas while in the Canary Islands in this park. Here you will find cowboys, take canoe rides, enjoy the beautiful view of wildlife waterslides and also full of places to play. Among the activities and excursions in Lanzarote, you can take part here in:

  • Visiting the Rancho National Park.
  • Splash around in pools.
  • Take time to learn native American culture.
  • Take canoe rids.
  • Take time to enjoy wildlife tours.

Don't miss along excursions in Lanzarote to Rancho Texas the chance to see an amazing shows often done in this park. They include parrots, eagles, sea lions, dolphins and also cow bows doing their Lasso presentations. You can enjoy snacks and meals onsite, take a swim to the nice cool waterslides and take a chance on a bus ride to some of the Puerto Del Carmen hotels. Indulge in gold nuggets hunt or climb into tipi like ones regularly used by Americans and follow the pathway of colour to a rainbow of birds with a dazzling fluff.

Take a day excursion to the Northern Lanzarote

Excursions in Lanzarote - Penas del Chache

Grab an opportunity and take the Excursion to the North of Lanzarote Island. The tour is be guided by a well-trained guide who will exploit all the various areas that you can imagine of. A hint of what to expect include The Ancient capital of Teguise village. Here you will find ancient churches and impressive monuments. You can also experience a breathtaking island view from a vantage point called Penas del Chache. Later on, you can explore the Aloe Vera plantation where you will; see large fields of succulent bulbs and later on visit the Manrique foundation which is equipped with a local artist talented display of artwork. One of the best excursions in Lanzarote.

El Rio Viewpoint

Excursions in Lanzarote - El Rio Viewpoint

The viewpoint Mirador del Rio is located in the northern part of Lanzarote. It is built on a cliff of a promontory formed by lava from volcanic activity of Monte Corona. The view is amazing and can be scared to some as the cliff steps down to the sea at a height of about 479 meters. It is one of the most beautiful views in Lanzarote with a splendid view of an archipelago of Canary Islands called Chinjo so you may look for excursions in Lanzarote to visit this place. An artwork Manrique, the building has thick rounded stone walls that are established with ancient water filters and ferns giving it a bright green and black contrast of the white paint. The beautiful decorations will amaze you before taking the epic view of the ocean and cliff. There are telescopes to enjoy the viewing. You can zoom in on the island and other surrounding Archipelago.

Escape to La Geria with some wine tasting excursions in Lanzarote

Excursions in Lanzarote - wine tasting

The place is unique and bizarre to observe. Here you will find firsthand information and experience of the winemaking process in the three wineries located here. The vineyards are set in unique style and have already been declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Take time to learn how wineries operate, cultivation of grapes and their fermentation process. Discover the laborious procedure of producing these wines. Take an opportunity to taste one or two wines that are awarded at each bodega along the wine tasting excursions in Lanzarote. Taste wines with Timanfaya & Volcanoes shore excursion in Lanzarote.

Cueva De Los Verdes

Excursions in Lanzarote - Cueva de Los Verdes

It is one of the longest volcanic tunnels in the world and has been protected by locals in Lanzarote for hundreds of years and definitely worthy to include visit here planning your excursions in Lanzarote. It runs for about 6 kilometres and was formed about 4000 years ago as a result of volcanic activity on Montana La Corona. It is a place to visit with interesting facts and volcanic structures. It is said that the place was unique for locals to hide. There is a 2-kilometre expanse that shows the various attractions in the tunnel that you can't miss out. It is well li for the effect and epic viewing of the visitors who chose to visit the place. The experience is above board and you can be accompanied by atrazine guide who will feed you with the rich history and the preserved information that is also this amazing structure.

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