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Top Boat Trips & Charters in Egypt

Hurghada Snorkeling & Dolphin House Boat Trip
Duration: 8 hours

The Hurghada Snorkeling & Dolphin House Boat Trip is a perfectly planned day tour by boat to the best snorkeling spots around Hurghada, including places where dolphins living. You swim with dolphins, Read more ➤

Price from: € 25.00
Book with:€ 5.00
Snorkeling Tour to Ras Mohammed from Sharm El-Sheikh
Duration: 8 hours

The Red Sea is filled with a wide variety of underwater creatures and plants. From the moment you break the water’s surface and look below, you can see untold amounts of life just swimming peacefully a Read more ➤

Price from: € 35.00
Book with:€ 10.00