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Corona Forestal Natural Park

Suggested visit duration:

2-3 Hours

Amission Fee:

Free-Of-Charge access

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Nature & Parks

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Opening hours:

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round

Corona Forestal Natural Park is located in the upper parts of Tenerife and this pine forest encircling the island. Teide is the highest point near to these forests. The temperature of the area normally does not exceed 25C. Endless tales and amazing scenery is waiting for you there in these forests. If anyone wishes to do hiking or biking, then the perfect place to do so is to venture into the lush greenery of these forests. Nature would be at fingertips around the Teide National Park.

It is true that Corona Forestal Natural Park is one of the biggest protected areas in the Canary Islands. The overall forests area covers 50,000 hectares. Immense valleys like Guimar and La Orotava makes it a unique place in the world. These forests offer geological formations, rocky peaks, and Island’s volcanic history. Water runs through the rifts and whispers in the ears of visitors. Village areas around of Los Pelados and Las Dehesas reminds you of the culture of Islands. Locals enjoy their free time in singing, dancing, eating good food and drinking quality wines.

Massive pine trees’ walls are so thick that it has made them fireproof. These mountainous forests are alike Canadas del Teide National Park. There is a number of chestnuts, cypress and eucalyptus trees. It is home to many protected species & endangered. Animals also make habitat at this place. Birds various kinds make the ecosystem of these forests perfect.


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