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Exploring Siberia

In this story, I'd like to tell you about another place of interest in Tomsk. It is Lagernyy Garden. The Lagernyy Garden is a visiting card of the city of Tomsk. When a tourist comes to Tomsk, it is impossible to pass by this place. It is associated with the Continue reading >

The House of Art

On Shishkina Street there is a bewitchingly beautiful wooden house called "House of Arts". Outwardly, it is a beautiful carved building in warm colors with a well-kept courtyard. But the history of this building is very complicated. The guide will tell you Continue reading >

Hiking adventure - hidden gems of Tenerife South

Tenerife South is the most popular part of the island among the tourists and I'd say 90% island visitors stay there. The main reason is the weather and infrastructure with thousands restaurants, bars, cafeterias, hundreds hotels and a the best beaches on the Continue reading >


The Teno Mountains is just one of three first volcanic formations that created the Tenerife Island. It lies in the northwestern corner of the island between the towns of Santiago del Teide, Los Silos, El Tanque and Buenavista del Norte. The volcanic massif, arised Continue reading >

Hidden gems of Anaga Peninsula

Anaga is the peninsula that form the North-East part of Tenerife and it's the wildest part of the island. In the eastern edge of the island of Tenerife stands the all-natural spectacle of the Anaga peninsula. There was an intense activity of the volcanoes created Continue reading >

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