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Reviewed on: Dec 15, 2019

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HOME RUN TOUR. Gregory charges a little more than some for a private tour, but his private tour is worth every penny. You get what you pay for. Most tour buses - especially ship tours - make 2 stops on a tour-Mount Teide and Rocks of Garcia. To be honest, these 2 attractions are both excellent and they will give the tourist an excellent memory. Our Tenerife tour included 4 Mt Teide related stops, the Rocks of Garcia and 1 additional plate tectonic related stop (later) AND 4 villages PLUS a lunch break with Canarian local food. MT TEIDE: This is the 3rd largest volcano in the world. The volcano is so tall and the air is so pure that there are world-class planetarium observatories located on the summit. The area is certified as an International Dark Skt Reserve by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). Awesome photo ops were given. When you only have 6 pax on a tour, stopping for pictures is a snap (pun intended). The crater rim of this huge volcano is amazing- it is 11 miles across. It just goes on and on. ADDED BONUS: 3 extra stops for great photo ops of the volcanic region. ROCKS OF GARCIA: A very interesting natural rock formation is located within the crater of this huge volcano. This formation is Rocks of Garcia. The rock outcrop formation is TECTONIC and NOT VOLCANIC. 2 tectonic plates collide inside the crater, and the result is the Rocks of Garcia. ADDED BONUS: There is another area at high elevation near the summit of a crater rim mountain peak where the tectonic plates also meet. This stop was amazing because the air temperatures for the wind rising up the opposing slopes of the peak are different, and clouds are created when the air flows meet (like cloud forests in Costa Rica). On one side of the peak, it is perpetually moist and ferns grow on the steep walls of the arête; the other side has dry air, so it is desert-like, with a lot of cactus. CANDELARIA VILLAGE with 10 KINGS STATUES and CHURCH: This was an added bonus stop on the tour. The original aboriginal inhabitants of the island were called Guanches. They were literally stone-age tribes. There were a total of 9 tribes-each with a king- together with an overall ruling king. The Spanish arrived and for reasons unknown rounded up all of the tribes and killed them all, so there are no surviving bloodlines from the original settlers. Candelaria has statues commemorating each of 10 kings that line the perimeter of a plaza that also has a nice photo op of a church. 3 ADDITIONAL VILLAGES: We drove through 3 additional villages that had quaint or historical significance. It was pleasant to see locals in their natural environment.

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