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I am trying to book an activity and the price appears to be changing comparing to one I saw yesterday. Why?


There could be one of a few possible reasons:


- In most of cases price can be changed, because a currency exchange rates changed. TripsPoint Currency Exchange Rates are updated daily. TripsPoint users can book tours and activities, holiday accommodations, things to rent and travel services with different currencies. As well as service providers and suppliers can set prices in different currencies. TripsPoint main and basic currency is EUR. Rates to the other currencies are calculated through the EUR and here we publish latest and actual currency exchange rates to EUR.  Once you've made a booking as a user or got an order as the service provider the exchange rate is fixed at the moment of booking.


- Another reason could be that activity Supplier changed price.


- Sometimes TripsPoint Marketing Team could change the price.


The price is fixed and guaranteed stay the same only in the case, if you've booked the activity or accommodation and paid required booking deposit. Until this moment the activity Supplier or TripsPoint are not obligated to keep the same price all the time.