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What's TripsPoint?


TripsPoint started in 2016 with idea to connect independent Travellers and local travel services providers (Suppliers) from whole the world around and make doing and receiving bookings of Tours, Activities, Trips, Holuday Accommodations, Rental Services an easy and safe process both for a Traveller and Supplier. TripsPoint creates a community based of crowdsourscing what brings significant benefits both for Travellers and Suppliers as well as for Destination Managers, taking care of nearly each travel destination in the world.

As a Traveller, you are able to choose and book really unique Tours, Activities, Trips, Holiday Accommodations, Rental Services from local companies and people whole the world around. Booking your experiences with TripsPoint you are not feeding monstruous corporations, but supporting local people at the destination you are going to. Moreover, at the time of booking you are paying just a booking deposit as a partial payment and the remaining balance, the main part of the payment you are paying directly to the local activity provider on the day when you use it. It allows you to plan and book your tours, activities, holiday accommodations and rental services long time in advance without investing full amount upfront and without worries you will miss availability booking at the last moment.