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How do I add my another website or blog to my Affiliate Partner account?


To add another website or blog you own to your Affiliate Partner account, follow the next steps: 


1. Be sure you are owner of a new website or blog and it's travel related.


2. Log-In to TripsPoint.com and click on your account nickname on the upper right corner of the website - it will take you to your account.


3. In your account menu on the left, please, click on 'Affiliate Partner Centre' and then go to 'Affiliate sites' section - here you will see the list of your websites or blogs associated with your Affiliate Partner account. At the end of the list you will see the botton 'Add New Affiliated Website'. 


4. Open new website in a new window or tab of your browser and copy the website URL.


5. Click the button  'Add New Affiliated Website' and paste the copied URL as it is and click 'Add'.


That's it - from this moment you can add links and banners at your new website will be tracked and this website will be associated with your account.