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Can I change the anchor text in the link?


Yes, it is possible, especially if you need to have the taxt more adjusted to your article context.


An example how to change anchor text in the link: 



1. You are looking for a link about hiking tours in Tenerife. Then you go to the "Links' section in the 'Affiliate Partner Centre' in your account and click 'Tour & Activities'. Then choose a country (Spain), City (Costa Adeje) and Category (Trekking & Hiking Tours) and click 'Search' button to show available links. 



2. Choose a link and click the button 'Copy Link Code' - in example this one <a href="https://www.tripspoint.com/1/spain/costa-adeje/tour/trekking-hiking-tours/teide-light-hiking-tour/257">Teide Light hiking tour in Tenerife</a>. The link will look at your website or blog like Teide Light hiking tour in Tenerife.



3. If you wish to change the anchor text, in example to 'Hiking Mount Teide in Tenerife' then simply change the anchor text in the copied code: <a href="https://www.tripspoint.com/1/spain/costa-adeje/tour/trekking-hiking-tours/teide-light-hiking-tour/257">Hiking Mount Teide in Tenerife</a>, so then your link will be looking like Hiking Mount Teide in Tenerife.