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How my visitors are identified and tracked without my affiliate ID in the links and banners?


The visitor referred through TripsPoint affiliate link or banner is recognized by the most advanced and safe method known as direct tracking. With the direct tracking HTTP_Referer information sent by the browser. It is the address of the page (if any) which referred the browser to the destination page. Briefly, when a visitor clicks a link on or banner on the affiliate’s page, the HTTP_Referer will be the URL address of affiliate’s page.


Our system will then check this page in our affiliate partner database to identify if the page belongs to an affiliate, and it will then assign that person the referral (and click) starting tracking the visitor for 30 days period.


This method is browser dependent, so it is reliable 90-99% of the time. All modern browsers send this information, and with the advantages mentioned below you are absolutely safe placing affiliate links at your website or blog.



Benefits of the direct tracking method:


- Visitors won’t know they are clicking on an affiliate link.
Many people are not so keen on clicking a link that they recognize as an affiliate link, because it shows AID (affiliate ID code). If you use  this kind of affiliate links iwith affiliate ID in URL of your blog or website, visitors will know that you earn commissions, if they click these links, so they will be more skeptical of clicking on a link. If you'll use TripsPoint links and banners with our advanced direct tracking method, no one will know that the links are affiliate links, it looks as absolutely natural link.


- Visitors will not damage or remove the affiliate ID parameters from the URL.
There are people who don't like to purchase through affiliate links, even if there are no disadvantages to them. Those people would rather copy the URL to their browser and remove the affiliate ID parameters. Using our direct tracking method, you don't need to worry about that, because there's simply nothing to remove.