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How do I add banners to my website or blog?


To add TripsPoint banner to your travel related website or blog: 


1. Decide where, on which page, do you wish to add a banner and open in your your HTML code editor the page from your website or blog (or open the post or page to edit, if your page is the WordPress website or blog).


2. Log-In to TripsPoint.com and click on your account nickname on the upper right corner of the website - it will take you to your account.


3. In your account menu on the left, please, click on 'Affiliate Partner Centre' and then go to 'Banners' section to search and copy banner code to publish on your website or blog. You will be offered 12 the most banner sizes


4. Paste copied banner code inside of your page or article, in sidebar, in the header or in the footer and publish. 


5From this moment your website or blog is starting earning money for you. Each visitor that came to TripsPoint.com by clicking on our banner at your website is tied to you for 30 days! We track the visitor activity and, if the visitor will do booking at TripsPoint along these 30 days, you are automatically getting commission from each visitor's booking (from each amount the visitor has paid for the booking).