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What commission I earn as Affiliate Partner?


Our Affiliate Partners earning straightforward and flat 55% commission on revenue (on the amount paid by customer), generated by visitors from their websites.


In example, if a visitor came from your website or blog where our link or banner is placed and along the next 30 days made a booking for a 100.00 Eur, then you earn commission of 55.00 Eur.


That makes TripsPoint Affiliate Program really different from other affiliate programs in the travel industry where competitors advertising a 50% commission, but they're setting very high minimal sales level per month to get these 50%, so usually you're getting something between 10-20%. Moreover, sometimes your earnings burning, if you didn't reached a minimal sales level in some period. Things are positively different at TripsPoint: 


- You are getting simple and flat 55% commission - no matter what's your sales level. 

- You can earn and accummulate your commission unlimited period of time until you reach 100.00 Eur to get payout.

- Visitors from your website or blog are tracked for 30 days and not just for a single session, so if a visitor make a booking within these 30 days after click on our link or banner, you will get your commission.

- We use the most advanced tracking system not requiring adding an ID to the link or code, it because we identify a visitor from your website or blog by domain, and not by tracking ID, so our links and banners are looking as a normal and natural links and not an affiliate links with ID. That not just makes it more natural for your website visitors, but also rises your conversion rate.


*Sometimes there's higher commission of 65%, if you registered with a Special Invitation Code issued by our Affiliate Partner Network administrator, if the administrator believe our link or banner must be placed at your webste or blog.