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How do I become TripsPoint Affiliate Partner with my website or blog?

Joining TripsPoint Affiliate Program and earning money as Affiliate Partner with your travel related website or blog is extremely easy. To earn money with your website or blog Affiliate Partner, please, do following: 


1. Sign-Up creating your user account at TripsPoint.com or Log-In, if you already registered user.


2. After you logged in to TripsPoint.com, please, scroll to the footer and in the right corner of the footer in the section 'BECOME AFFILIATE PARTNER' click Affiliate Partner Sign-Up - then complete and send your Affiliate Partner simple registration form. 


3. Once you registered, we will review and activate your Affiliate Partner account. You will get e-mail notification about your Affiliate Partner account activation.


4. After your Affiliate Partner activated, please, Log-In to your account at TripsPoint and click on your account nickname on the upper right corner of the website - it will take you to your account.


5. In your account menu on the left, please, click on 'Affiliate Partner Centre' and: 

- Go to 'Dashboard' to see your visitors, bookings and earnings statistics.

- Go to 'Account Setup' to change your details and to set your preferred payout method - the method how do you wish to receive your earnings, by PayPal or to your bank account.

- Go to 'Links' section to search and copy codes of links to publish on your website or blog. For deep linking, please, search for links by 'Destination', 'Category', 'Tour & Activities' or 'Special Links' to search a link by a keyword.

- Go to 'Banners' section to choose and copy banner codes to publish a banner on your website or blog.

- Go to 'Affiliate's Sites' if you own and want to add more than one of your websites or blogs - here you can also see statistics for each of your websites or blogs separately.


6. Publish Links or/and Banners in your website or blog. You can publish it on the main page, in footer, in sidebar or in articles - in a place where you believe it's correct and will drive you more visitors clicking on published link or/and banner.


7. From this moment your website or blog is starting earning money for you. Each visitor that came to TripsPoint.com by clicking on our link or banner at your website is tied to you for 30 days! We track the visitor activity and, if the visitor will do booking at TripsPoint along these 30 days, you are automatically getting commission from each visitor's booking (from each amount the visitor has paid for the booking).


8. Time to time check your 'Dashboard' with statistics - you can see your earnings here.


9. Once your earnings reached equivalent of 100 Eur, you can receive you money on your PayPal or bank account. You can get your earnings extremely easy with one click on the button 'Request Payout' in your Dashboard.