Popular questions

How do I change my booking?


Basically, the way to change a booking is simple: 


1. Wait until your Booking will get confirmed status, so you a have received Voucher.


2. After Voucher received you will be able to contact your local Supplier directly through TripsPoint Mesenger (highly recommended) or phone:


To contact Supplier with TripsPoint Messenger:

  - Log in to TripsPoint.com

  - Go to your User Account (click your Nickname on the upper right corner of the page).

  - Go to the section 'Confirmed Bookings'.

  - Click 'CONTACT LOCAL SUPPLIER' and start to communicate directly with your local Supplier via TripsPoint Messenger.


Please, remember, TripsPoint is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any changes and its consequences made any other way than via TripsPoint Messenger. TripsPoint Messenger makes all the changes well documented and clear.