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How can I leave a Review and rate the tour I've booked?


You are able to Review and rate any tour, activity, holiday accommodation or rental service you've booked and realized on TripsPoint. 


To leave a Review and rate, please: 

  1. Log in to TripsPoint and go to your user accont (click your nickname on the right corner on the header of website).

  2. Using left hand side menu go to 'Reviews' section and click 'Reviews to do'

  3. You will see the list of your realised bookings with a button 'Leave a Review' by each one. Click the button to leave a review.


Please, remember:

- You can leave a review only after you've realised the booking. 

- You cannot leave a review for a listing, if you have not booked and/or have not realised it.

- You can also add photos to your review

- Your review will be public and will be published both on the listing page and on your personal travel blog on TripsPoint

- In the future you will be able also get Suppliers reviews as the Traveler (we are working with that feature)