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Why do I need to reconfirm my booking by phone 1-3 days before activity beginning?


Even TripsPoint use the most advanced technologies to make the booking an easy and automated process, but we all are humans and sometimes it needs a human action. There are a few reasons why it required to reconfirm the booking 1-3 days before the tour, activity or rental period beginning.


Reconfirmation call helps you to avoid and prevent unpleasant situations and makes sure everything will go smoothly. We stronly recommend to make a reconfirmation call directly to the local Supplier just to check out everything's okay and as it was planned 3 days before you start your activity. If it was last moment booking, 1-2 days are also okay.


TripPoint's Suppliers are usually small local companies hardly working day by day to make their Customers happy, but sometimes there are not planned situations can happen (i.e. bad weather conditions, schedule changed, a guide got sick, road closed making tour not available, a lost phone or a book with bookings schedule, a booking made long time in advance and 'lost in time' and many other possible situations).  


Despite of all these possible extra-ordinary situations TripsPoint tend to keep the process well organized without unpleasant situations. That's why we require to do a call directly to your Supplier (Supplier's phone number is provided in your Voucher) 1-3 days before the tour, activity or rental period beginning.