Popular questions

Why did my booking not confirmed?


Booking Confirmation is typically received within 48 hours of booking, but it is subject to availability.  Once we receive notification from our local Supplier, a second email is sent with either Booking Confirmation with attached Voucher or notice that the tour is unavailable for your requested time/date.  

In rare cases a tour, activity, holiday accommodation or a rental service may return unavailable due to a few different reasons:  

  - The tour date or time requested is no longer available

  - Unexpected closures of locations visited or roads used during tour, etc.

  - Bad weather forecast for requested date, so the activity is cancelled for safety reasons

  - All places are fully booked for requested date


We apologize for any inconvenience, however feel free to check our TripsPoint.com for similar tours, activities or holiday accommodations that you may enjoy.

Bookings rejected by our Supplier will generally be refunded immediately. However, if we have e-mailed you with options for this booking, we may not begin the refund process until we hear back from you concerning those options. Please always be sure to reply as soon as possible with what you would like to do with your tour to give our Support Team the maximum amount of time to assist you.