Popular questions

After I make a booking, how long will I wait to receive my voucher?


Most Vouchers will be received within time frame between 15 to 60 minutes.


Occasionally, the Voucher could be delayed up to 48 hours to receive confirmation from our Supplier. Delays are possible because the objective reasons like difference in time zones (it could be deep night or simply not business hours, or national holiday in the country of your destination where local Supplier is located). Once confirmation is received, your voucher will be e-mailed to you.


If you don’t see your voucher within 48 hours time frame, please, check your spam or junk folder as sometimes our e-mails do get caught.


If you've checked your spam or junk folder and still don't see your Voucher after 48 hours passed, please, contact TripsPoint Support Teem, so our support team members will follow up with the local Supplier.