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Do I have to print my Voucher?


It depend on your Voucher type.

In the header of your Voucher under the text 'Tour/Activity Ticket & Booking Confirmation' you always have instuction, if you need to print your Voucher or it will be enough just save it to your smartphone to show on the activity beginning.

TripsPoint Suppliers accept different Voucher types: 


1. e-Voucher - meaning that you shouldn't print it and it will be enough to save the Voucher to your smartphone to show on the activity beginning to redeem your Voucher.


2. Printed Voucher - meaning that you will have to print your Voucher and take it with you to present printed Voucher on the activity beginning.


3. e-Voucher & printed Voucher - meaning that your activity Supplier accept both Voucher types and you can choose by yourself to print it or to save it to your smartphone. 


For the peace of your mind we recommend you to print even e-Voucher, so you wouldn't miss it, because low battery, lost phone, etc.