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What's Hotel Pick-Up and Hotel Pick-Up area?


  In the case of the Hotel Pick-Up Point you are picked up directly from your Hotel, if it's located within pick-up area, defined by the tour, activity, accommodation or rental service Supplier. On the listing page and during the booking process you will see the Hotel Pick-Up area defined by circle on the map. You will be asked to provide your Hotel Name, if it's located within specified pick-up area.

  Please, remember, your Hotel must be located within Hotel Pick-Up area, defined by circle on the map showing location on the listing page.


  If your Hotel or private accommodation is located outside of defined by Supplier Pick-Up area, please, choose nearest Hotel located within the specified Pick-Up area (circle). In this case you will have to get to selected hotel by yourself by walk, public transport or by taxi.


  You will have specified your Hotel Pick-Up Point, link to the map showing Pick-Up zone and time of pick-up in your Voucher as well as the local Supplier will provide your meeting location and time when you call to reconfirm your booking.