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join us with travel website or blog
as TripsPoint Affiliate partner
Get 70.00 EUR Welcome Gift & up to 70% Fixed Commission


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Register your travel blog or travel related website to:
- Get 70.00 EUR welcome gift from TripsPoint for you as our new Affiliate Partner.
- Earn up to 70% Commission on bookings made by visitors coming from links and banners placed at your website or blog!

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get affiliate partner account confirmation
Your Affiliate Partner registration data will be received and reviewed within next 24 hours.
If it seems to be everything okay with your website or blog, your Affiliate Partner Account will be activated and you will get Account Activation notification by e-mail.


setup your affiliate partner account
- Set preferred payment method for payouts (you can receive money by PayPal or to your bank account).
- Add more websites or blogs you own (you will get separate Affiliate ID for each website).


publish our links or banners at tour website or blog & get clear and transparent statistics
- Find recommended TripsPoint links and anchor texts, copy and publish text links at your websites or blog articles.
- Find TripsPoint banners, copy banner code and publish banner at your website or blog article.
- Once text links or banners are published from the next day you can check out in your Affiliate Partner Dashboard how many visitors came from your links or banners, how many bookings they have made and how much money you have got as your commission on these bookings.


withdraw your money
Once your earnings reached 100 Euros you can request payout with one simple click 'Request Payout'. Your money are sent to your PayPal account or directly to your bank account - you define in your Affiliate Partner Account settings the way you prefer to receive your earnings. Because you have got a gift of 70.00 EUR from TripsPoint as our new Affiliate Partner, so you need to earn just 30.00 EUR to your be able withdraw your first 100.00 EUR! Publishing our different text links and banners on different pages of your website or within various articles of your travel blog will help you earn more!
the best travel affiliate program
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70.00 EUR welcome gift
As our new Affiliate Partner you are getting 70.00 Euro on your Affiliate Partner account as a welcome gift from TripsPoint. Minimal amount for withdrawal is 100 EUR. Publish TripsPoint text links or banners on your travel website or blog and just wait until they generate 30 EUR, so you are able to withdraw your first 100 EUR earned as TripsPoint Affiliate Partner.
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fixed 50% to 70% commission
You receive 50% to 70% fixed commission for every payment made at by visitor that came from your website or blog clicking on our text links or banners, placed by you. We set fixed commission after checking your website quality and content before activating your Affiliate Partner account. Minimal commission is 50% and max. 70%.
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Unique visitor tracking system
The visitor referred through TripsPoint affiliate link or banner is recognized by the most advanced and safe method known as direct tracking - it's pure link without any affiliate ID code added!
Many people are not so keen on clicking a link that they recognized as an affiliate link. If you publish TripsPoint links and banners, no one will know that the links are affiliate links, it looks as absolutely natural link!
for travel related websites, bloggers & travel agencies
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longest affiliate cookie duration
Basically, a cookie's lifespan reflects how long the prospective buyer who clicks through our link at your website might make you a profit. It's the cookie expiration date that decides if it's 'deal or not deal'. The longer expiration date is, the better for you. We are keeping the longest technically possible cookie duration of 120 days after first user visit - the best possible for you!
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variety of text links & banners
After your Affiliate Partner account activated, you can login and choose among a of different text links with URL and anchor text provided choosing the best and the most relevant to your travel website or travel blog article.
As more a text link is integrated into the context of your travel website, blog or article, as more people will click it and consequently generate you higher profit!
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transparent stats & easy payouts
A user-friendly Affiliate Partner Dashboard will let you monitor your week-to-week performance, so you always know how many visitors your links and banners generated, how many bookings your visitors made and, surely, how much money have you earned. It's extremely simple and easy to withdraw your earnings from TripsPoint Affiliate Partner account to your PayPal or bank account just with a few clicks.
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any travel
related websites
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websites of
dmc & travel agencies
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websites & hotels
icon 11
websites providing
tiketing of events
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web directories
whit travel section
icon 13
destination websites
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cashback, coupon
& deals websites
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Ask us.
Generally any travel related website or blog can join our
Affiliate Partner Program, publish our text links and banners
and earn money as our Affiliate Partner.
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