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Urgent Indian Visa Process

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Urgent Indian Visa Process

Everyone who wants to travel to India needs to apply for a visa, and there are two ways to do that. And those are:

  • Go to Indian Consulate (offline)
  • Their website (Online)

If you want to apply for the visa by going to the consulate located in your city, you can, but it takes a lot more time than you’d expect. You’d need to go there in person and submit an application, and then they would need another 15 days to process the application.

While, if you choose to go the online route and apply for the visa, you’d be able to get in a maximum of 7 days. And you should know that there are two types of visa processing when you apply online. One is normal, and the other is urgent; the normal visa processing takes around a max of 7 working days. If you apply for Urgent visa processing, you will get it in a max of 4 working days.

Urgent visa processing

As we’ve discussed above that urgent visa processing can get you an Indian visa in a max of 4 working days. Apart from this, there are other things that you should know about urgent visa processing.

You’d need to be eligible for the urgent visa processing, and you should check out the rules on their official website. And most importantly, you should be ready to shell out a lot more money than expected because urgent visa India fees are a lot higher than normal e-visa India.

So, you need to be aware of all the facts about urgent processing and be ready to pay a hefty sum while applying for it. If you want to know how you can apply for an urgent visa India, here are the instructions.

How to apply for an urgent visa?

  • First, you need to open the Indian visa online website (look for the official one).
  • Then, click on the Apply e-visa here a link from the bottom menu.
  • Now, you’ll see a form where you need to provide all your details and choose which type of visa you want. You’ll have to choose the urgent visa option and proceed forward.
  • After that, you’ll have to pay the visa fee according to that option.

Once you’ve paid the fee, wait for a few days, and the ETA will arrive in your mail. After that, you can take it to the immigration authorities in India to cross the border.