Luggage Delivery Service in Tokyo - between Haneda Airport and Hotel

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Hotels in Tokyo 23 wards / Maihama Area, Haneda Airport.
Do you have ever felt exhausted about moving with a big suitcase while traveling? If you have this kind of experience, why not try us next time! Let us help you deliver the luggage between Haneda Airport and the hotel. Hotels in Tokyo 23 wards and Maihama Area covered in this service.

  • Have stress-free trip in Tokyo!
  • No need to drag your bags across the city!
  • Luggage Same-day Delivery between Haneda airport and Hotels in Tokyo (including Maihama Area)!
  • We can also deliver from one hotel to another!
Luggage Delivery Service in Tokyo

Luggage Delivery Service in Tokyo

To send from hotels to airport or other hotels in Tokyo, all you have to do is drop off the luggage to the hotel front desk by 9 AM.

We will collect it from the hotel staff and send it to the Airport counter or the front desk of the other hotel.

You don't even have to meet the driver. The luggage will be ready for you to claim by 4 PM.

You can even choose to have us collect your luggage a day earlier than your flight so that you can pick it up at the airport before 4 PM. To send from Haneda Airport to hotels in Tokyo, please drop off the luggage to the airport counter by 3 PM. 

You could receive your luggage by 6 PM in your designated hotel.

Don't need to drag the heavy suitcase anymore. Just enjoy your trip until the last moment.

  • Each piece of luggage cannot be more than 160cm (sum of length, width, and height) and cannot weigh more than 30kg, and the value of baggage must not exceed JPY100,000.
  • We only deliver the luggage.
  • People cannot get on the truck.

After successfully booking, you will receive a Transaction No. via email from Airporter and the Transaction No. will be sent by email within 24hours of order confirmation. Write down the Transaction No. on your luggage tag and put the tag on all the pieces of luggage you plan to drop off at the hotel front desk or airport counter. The driver will pick up your luggage and deliver it to the destination.

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Payment Protection

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