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REGISTER As Affiliated Travel Agency

Get 50% special Travel Agency Discount on bookings made by you for your Customers + Earn 50% Commission on bookings at TripsPoint.com made by your official website visitors by clicking on our links or banners at your website!
Register -> Get and publish our link or banner -> Get Discount + Earn Money

How it works



In order to become affiliated Travel Agency and receive benefits of 50% special Travel Agency Discount and 50% of commission as Affiliate Partner, you must complete the only 2 conditions:

  • Register as affiliated Travel Agency.
  • After registration go to your Affiliate Partner Dashboard, copy selected TripsPoint links or banners and place it at your official Travel Agency website.

Next, after you have placed the link or banner at your website, you are having your special Travel Agency Discount as well as Affiliate Partner commission activated

How do you use special 50 % Travel Agency Discount?

With special Travel Agency Discount you can do bookings on TripsPoint for your Customers, charging from them full required booking deposit and paying to TripsPoint at the time of booking only 50% of required booking deposit.

How do you get 50% of Affiliate Partner commission?

When your official website visitors clicks on TripsPoint link or banner placed at your website and then within next 30 days do a booking by themselves directly at TripsPoint, you are getting 50% commission on each payment made by such a visitor. Commission is sent to your bank or PayPal account.


Signing up is free, easy and your Affiliate Partner Account registration is confirmed instantly:

If you already have an account on TripsPoint, please, provide your existing login (e-mail) and password.

For our Affiliated Travel Agencies we guarantee:

  • 50% of special Travel Agency Discount on each booking deposit paid by you at TripsPoint.
  • Your Travel Agency Name on each Voucher generated for every your booking without your 50% discount shown on the Voucher - so you can easily pass the Voucher to your Customer to use it without need to make and personalize your own Voucher.
  • 50% commission from each payment made through your link or banner.
  • Clear and transparent statistics.
  • 30 days visitor session duration and safe tracking system.
  • Deep linking.
  • Payouts by PayPal or to your bank account.
  • Continuous addition of tours, activities, holiday accommodations and rental services at travel destinations in whole the world.
  • Partner with the most advanced and fair booking platform.


Your Affiliate Partner registration data will be received and reviewed within next 24 hours.

If it seems to be everything okay with your website or blog, your Affiliate Partner Account will be activated and you will get Account Activation notification bye-mail.

With your Affiliate Partner Account you are able to:

  • Set preferred payment method for payouts (you can receive money by PayPal or to your bank account).
  • Find links and copy link codes to publish at your websites or blog articles
  • Find banners and copy banner codes to publish at your websites or blog articles
  • Add more websites or blogs you own (you will get separate Affiliate ID for each website)
  • See statistics (number of visitors and their bookings).
  • See account balance showing current amount you've have on your account.
  • Request Payouts to your PayPal account or directly to your bank account

PUBLISH TRIPSPOINT LINKS or BANNERS at your official website

Publish text links or banners at the official website of your Travel Agency. Once a link or banner is published, from the next day your 50% special Travel Agency Discount is activated and you can also check out in your Affiliate Partner Dashboard how many visitors came from your links or banners, how many bookings they have made and how much money you have got as your commission on these bookings.



Now you can book any tour or activity for your Customers and get 50% DISCOUNT on every booking you’ve made.

The process is extremely simple:

  1. Login to your account at TripsPoint.com
  2. Choose a tour, trip or activity you wish to book for your Customer.
  3. Check out what booking deposit is required to book the tour or activity and charge the Customer 100% of required booking deposit.
  4. Book the tour, trip or activity paying just 50% of required booking deposit
  5. Get the booking confirmed - you receive the tour Voucher with your Travel Agency name and without received discount shown by e-mail
  6. Pass the Voucher to your Customer (if you sold the tour in different price, then make your own Voucher with reference nr to the TripsPoint voucher and pass yourVoucher to your Customer).
  7. Also time to time check your Affiliate Partner Dashboard - you’ve got 50% commission as Affiliate Partner. If a visitor visiting your official website will click onTripsPoint link or banner and will make a booking within next 30 days, you are also getting your 50% commission! So, it means your Customers can choose and make bookings at TripsPoint by themselves and your Travel Agency is still paid!


Once your earnings reached 100 Euros you can request payout with one simple click 'Request Payout'. Your money are sent to your PayPal account or directly to your bank account - you define in your Affiliate Partner Account settings the way you prefer to receive your earnings.